The Gift of Quietude

This is a paper I wrote after my junior English teacher gave us the assignment to spend 20 minutes outside without technology, company, music, sketchbooks, or exercise besides walking. The community park near my house in Aurora is a place that feels old-fashioned and odd. I remember my sister and I taking dance classes at… Continue reading The Gift of Quietude

Somebody Vs. Nobody

A paper I wrote for my sophomore English class in the second semester: If you’re reading any media aimed at teenagers, what is one piece of advice that is sure to be squished in somewhere? “Be yourself.” This seems like pretty solid advice, but the problem is that at this age of maturity, nobody knows… Continue reading Somebody Vs. Nobody


So I know I haven't posted in...uh, eight months plus but I think I probably should start posting again. Concise update: I'm now a sophomore and in a level-one graphic design class. I am on the performing arts team, called Furnace, at my school as staff, the art designer. We arrived back from a tour… Continue reading Goals